Monday, August 19, 2013

South Island Edible Seaweed Guide

A 15 page guide to the edible seaweed species found in New Zealand's South Island. Written and photographed by Peter Langlands. A practical guide for the wild food forager with key information on the different types of seaweed, where and when to harvest, and key tips for seaweed preparation and recipes. Seaweeds are well known for their health benefits and flavour, to enhance meals and add a unique point of interest. This guide will set you up to make the most of our seaweed resource. Sent out in PDF format as a Ebook for $15- to order please email me -

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Canterbury Whitebaiting Guide

Thanks to National Radio- Katherine Ryan for the opportunity to talk about our whitebait fishery today- 190813. I am just completing the 2013 Canterbury Whitebaiting Guide - which covers techniques and locations along with a selection of photographs of white baiting in the region. The guide will be available from 1 September and is written, photographed and illustrated by Peter Langlands. the 50 page guide is sent out electronically as a PDF file for $20. To order please email me- Good luck all for the season ahead.