Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Zealand's surf clams- un tapped gold in the sands ?

Recent surveys have found that our coastal waters have a huge biomass of surf clams that may be able to sustain a 400 million dollar a year fishery. Many of these shellfish are relatively unheard of by many New Zealanders but international markets have got their eyes on them. Can they be harvested sustainably with minimal environmental impacts ? I have a large image library of all the main surf clam species, and also of other types of edible shellfish in New Zealand waters. I have also eaten a wide range of shellfish and can advise of their characteristics. Of all the Storm clam is my favourite- unknown to many.... If you require any surf calm images, information or photos of any shellfish occurring in our waters then please email me. I can offer advise and have complete Masters level paper in aquaculture at Canterbury University. Peter Langlands Wild Capture Photography